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Learn how to introduce your new friend to your home and family members, how to care for and feed them, and other important information.

Taking Care of Your New Friend!

At ADK Cat House, we know how excited you are about bringing your new friend home. Here are some resources about the best way to introduce your new friend to family and other pets, as well as care recommendations, term definitions, and more.

We value your input! If you don't see an answer to the question that you have, please contact us and we will help in guiding you to the right information.

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What does that mean?

What does TNR stand for? What is the difference between feral and stray? Click here to learn the terms we use with cats and kittens, and what they mean!

Our Stance on Declawing

Learn why we do not support declawing, and why we require adopters to sign a form agreeing to not declaw their cats.

How to Trap a Stray

If you've found a stray cat in your neighborhood and have confirmed that it does not belong to your neighbors, click here to learn how to safely trap the stray for treatment.

Feeding Newborns and Kittens

Bringing Home Kitty

Have you found a litter of newborns? Click here to learn the right way to feed newborns and kittens.

Everything you need to know to introduce a cat successfully into your home, to feed and care for the cat, and how to maintain a supportive environment.

I got bit by a cat! Now what?

Cat bites must be treated in a specific way to prevent infection, both for the cat and human's sake. Click here to learn more!

What do we test for, and why?

Every cat that comes through the ADK Cat House is tested for multiple diseases. Here's why!

Emergency Preparedness Plan

You never wish for it, but sometimes there are emergencies. Prepare for the care of your pet with this sample plan.

Vaccines & Check-ups

Learn more about when cats should have their check-ups with the vet, and what vaccines they should be given.

Fostering vs



Release Program

What is the difference? What is expected of the adopters vs. foster parents? Learn more here!

Learn more about this lifesaving program, and what you can do to support the cause!

Pre-adoption Fees Explained

When adopting a cat, why is there an adoption fee? Here, we go into more detail about what is all included in the cost.